About mikep1828

Ebbets Field, the Polo Grounds, Shea
Stadium, and old Yankee Stadium, not to mention the Parade
Grounds in Brooklyn, Highland Park in Queens, Bushwick High
School and East New York High School fields in Brooklyn,
cement and asphalt softball diamonds in Brooklyn and Queens
— that’s where I learned my stuff. And listening to Vin
Scully and Red Barber, then Barber and Mel Allen and Phil
Rizzuto, then adding Lindsey Nelson, Bob Murphy and Ralph
Kiner, who all extended my education. My first big-league
reporting as a sportswriter came with The Times Record of
Troy, New York. Then at The Chicago Sun-Times (1977-1989), I
was lucky enough to spend much of my summers subbing on the
Cubs and Sox, after strenuous winters covering the Chicago
Blackhawks. Now working primarily as a free-lance science
writer (www.mikeperricone.com), with a book on cosmology
recently released, but taking the time once again to exercise
the habits of a baseball lifer and writer.