During Monday night’s Cardinals-Dodgers game, ESPN analyst Steve Phillips (former GM of the NY Mets) seconded the notion that the Cubs should be pursuing Pirates second baseman Freddy Sanchez. His argument:

1-Sanchez soldifies a position the Cubs need to solidify;

2-Mike Fontenot then becomes a utility player, a role for which he is better-suited;

3-If Aramis Ramirez re-injures his shoulder, Fontenot steps in at third but the Cubs retain the proven production of Sanchez at second. Thus, they would have only one hole to cover, not two.

Hearing Phillips, you got the definite idea that if the Cubs were not pursuing Sanchez, they were not being very smart — especially when the Cardinals were posting a lineup featuring both requent acquisitions, Mark DeRosa (who homered against the Dodgers to start breaking the game open) and Matt Holliday. Phillips couldn’t say enough about DeRosa’s multi-position ability, and coupled with his comments on Sanchez, he left the impression that the Cubs could be compounding one error (trading DeRosa) with another (not trading for Sanchez). 

At least someone is thinking out there.


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