Why I Like This Sox Team. . .

. . .with Paul Konerko, Jermaine Dye, Jim Thome and Mark Buerhle: The Sox have some of the classiest veteran game-changers in the game.
. . .with one or two of the above moving on: Even a class act can get old; in this case, not the act itself but the actors. Buerhle is only 30, but Konerko is 33; Dye is 36, and Thome will be 39 in August. While these guys would never be regarded as a problem anywhere, a team has to maintain a fresh face (and fresh faces). That’s why Gordon Beckham was called up; that’s why Scott Podsednik was re-acquired. The standings are deceptive, because the Sox aren’t playing like a team hanging around 3-4 games out of first. Without improvement over the next month or so, the Sox have to make moves to get younger, regardless of the immediate results.
. . .with Ozzie Guillen un-muzzled: How many guys in sports are as honest as Ozzie? Crude, yes; but effective in his own way.  He’s too good an act to pass up.

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