Then again…

That pick — Colorado in six — doesn’t look so good today, does it? Well, that’s why they play the games. Let’s hope it actually becomes a serious Series.

But now you have do have to be serious about Josh Beckett as a Big Game Pitcher. Dominating the way he dominated Game 1 elevates him to an elite level in the World Series.

Tonight, after James Taylor sings the National Anthem, we’ll find out whether Game 1 was a wakeup call or a knockout punch for Colorado. Coming away from Fenway with a split would make it a totally different Series for Colorado. The Rockies are still a very good baseball team, but they’ll need to start hitting against Curt Schilling tonight. If the Red Sox get to rookie Ubaldo Jimenez right away, it could be another long night on the way to a short Series. Which, after the long wait, would be too bad.



  1. Rick

    As you know each day can bring something new in baseball. It is amazing to see guys like Youkilis, Ortiz, and Ramirez elevate their game. You have 2 of 3 guys that hit under .300 for 162 games and now they can’t get out. Give them 2 strikes and it does not seem to matter. By the way I enjoy reading your posts.

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